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Luxury villas at Angamaly, near St. Jude Church Ernakulam  #Property Id: 5968  
Luxury villas at Angamaly, near St. Jude Church (Type: Villas / Houses, Location: Angamaly)
The location of the Janatha Home project is nearly 2 km away from Angamaly en route Angamaly-Manjapra route.500 Mtrs away from Gandhi Junction.5 km from Airport,2 km from Basilica church,3 km from Rail way station,2 km from L F Hospital,2 km from Vishwajothi & Don bosco School,4 km from FISAT Eng:college,mosque ,temple&supermarkets,etc.. are limited distance............... Property Features: 9 independent villas in different sqft sizes in 4.13 cent to 5.87 cent plot areas.3 bhk villas in 1409 sqft to 1468 sqft,dining areas,kitchen,work area,3 attached rooms,porch,sit out,balcony,compound wall with gate,water,electricity,round the clock watchman,health club,childrens play area,etc...........
Landmarks: angamaly
Expected Price: 32.40 lakhs+ (Negotiable)
Posted By:Agent, 10 December 2010
Person: Joy Antony
Address: - 2464
Mobile: 9847413207
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Luxury villas at Angamaly, near St. Jude Church
Luxury villas at Angamaly, near St. Jude Church  Luxury villas at Angamaly, near St. Jude Church 
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